For 10 years I have been working in network marketing. I have learned alot,met great people,

and have had a lot of fun. Over this time I have been involved in lots of things.  I feel I have been

“getting an education” in network marketing.  Day One business is for everyone.

This is now a perfect storm.  Right product, right compensation plan, right website, (that does

all the work).  Do this business to make money like a McDonald’s franchise.  The hard work is in

finding 10 people to watch a 4 minute video.  If you can do this, you will make money. If you

love the products, talking with other’s will be easy.  If you would like to raise money for

charities of your choice, this is a viable way.


My site is

as I have “my 3”, I am sending people to other sites now.

We all help each other in Day One.



and pick a site to begin with.  We can add your website name here too.


I am living in gratitude for the wonderful life and experiences past, present, and future.


I am believing abundance is the natural way of the world.


Robin Griffin Foster

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