Hello All,
For 10 years I have been working in network marketing. I have learned a lot,met great people,
and have had a lot of fun. Over this time I have been involved in lots of things.  I feel I have been
“getting an education” in network marketing. 
For a long time I have believed that solo effort income does not lead to economic success, 
we need to join with the efforts of the many.
This journey has lead me to many businesses.  Some have had great potential and great communities.  Some have just gone away. Some are still climbing the hill to creating incomes.
I have followed some leaders for all these years. 
I am still supporting Tracy Davison’s Big Idea.  I believe that the Millionaire Revolution and the Reality TV show is about to explode from thousands to 10’s of thousands, to 100’s of thousands, to millions of people who are joining forces to change the world and end world hunger together. I think the system he has put together to connect us all with facebook awesome.  I love being a part of this world community. PM me for details on how to join us.  I am host for Vermont for Tracy’s world tour.  Visit www.60secondmillioniare.tv watch all the people as they join in with their entry video.
I am also a lifer with Mark Seyforth and his vision to create The Good Life by joining forces with the many.  Right now the business is morphing again.  As much as the last plan of Day One was “the best I have ever seen”, apparently it was too complex for people to understand.  He has simplified and is launching The Good Life in January.  This is SO simple it sure looks “too good to be true”!  However, I think this is what people need and want.  I already have my two, so literally I am “done” with the work of showing anyone what I have found. 
This being said, I can now show people just because I want to assist other’s to this residual income that will make “work” an option. 
Go to www.TGL.rocks   add your name and email.  You can register and reserve your spot in this business for FREE.  Use my name in the enroller ID spot.  You will get e-mails leading you to the weekly update calls with details.  Send as many as you want to this website and have others use your name in enroller ID spot.  The back office does all the work in keeping track of everything.  With two on your “team” you could stop and just watch and receive.  In January you can decide if you want to stick with this.  Your monthly order which is a savings plan for great travel options will likely be paid by the system if you have shown others the website.

To The Good Life 
With LOVE,

Robin in Vermont