For 10 years I have been working in network marketing. I have learned alot,met great people, and have had a lot of fun.

My blog has many links to interesting information.


The plan is to start a foundation

Teen Dream and Beyond Ltd.

The Dream is to assist 1000's of families to time and financial freedom, including education in mindset training.

I have seen and been one of the people that has worked way to hard, for way to long, for way to little!


The idea is that people can choose a vehicle to create significant residual income.

There will be options offered that are the best I have seen.

Start up funds will be available upon request in order of

date entered. As little as the monthly and start up fees or as

much as 6 months of financial support can be used from this

revolving fund.

Mindset training participation is required. Various options

will be offered, starting with Paul Hutchins's call on weekdays at 9 a.m. on the phone live or on replay.

1 712 432 0900 ext. 565762# replay 1 712 432 0990

What is asked in return is to replace the funds when you can.

My main business for gathering large quantities of money

for this is Ad Experts. I find myself most comfortable in this

group. Daniel Butts speaks to me with his repeated:

"What we can not do alone we can do together"

This is the only business I will ever need.

However, there are many others that I can not not pay attention to.

All are repeatedly talked about on my blog spot

and my facebook page

I am living in gratitude for the wonderful life and experiences past, present, and future.


Believing abundance is the natural way of the world.


Robin Griffin Foster